Our Coaches
Coach Tom
Head Coach
Coach Tom was born and raised in Hong Kong but attended Boarding School and University in the UK. While at school, Tom competed at county and national level at multiple sports, including rugby, hockey, athletics and swimming. During university, Tom played elite level rugby league, before returning to Hong Kong and switching codes to play Rugby Union for Hong Kong Football Club. Tom has also represented Hong Kong at u20 level in Rugby League.Since suffering an injury during a tournament which forced him to stop playing rugby, Tom has been fully dedicated to coaching and inspiring young people to play and enjoy sports.
Coach Dan
Coach Dan is a hugely passionate young coach who grew up in the United Kingdom and has 5 years of coaching experience across football, tennis, basketball, athletics and rugby.
Coach Jack
Coach Jack has over 2 years of experience in coaching children across different sports- including football, basketball, rugby and tennis as well as 2 years of coaching experience in chair-based activities and exercises for the elderly population in a nursing home setting in the UK. Jack’s strong interest in sports as a child led him to the UK, where he completed his Degree in Sports Coaching at the University of Brighton. This course enabled Jack to acquire a range of knowledge in various fields of coaching, whilst getting an up close feel of what the life of a coach consists of. Upon completion of his degree, Jack returned to Hong Kong in order to further expand his experience and knowledge by working in multiple coaching environments.
Coach Sean
Coach Sean was born and raised in Hong Kong before moving to the UK to attend school and university. Whilst at school Sean participated in rugby tours of South Africa and captained the rugby and tennis teams
Coach Beejay
Coach Beejay was Born in the Philippines but has been living in HK for more than half of his life. He has always loved sports and taking part in physical exercise. He is passionate about coaching and teaching kids to enjoy sport but also develop their skills. He is a patient enthusiastic sport’s coach with a friendly and happy attitude and aims to grow kids' confidence in each activity. Former player of the Philipine Player in the Chinese HK League Private kids Basketball coach
Coach Michael
To date, Michael has built up substantial experience and expertise in coaching through his three-year degree at the University of Brighton, specialising in Sport and Exercise Science with Physical Education, in addition to previous employments in full time teaching roles in the UK. It’s clear that Michaels passion in life is sports. Michael believes that it has been a major part of his life and a key factor as to why he has pursued a career in sports coaching. Michael enjoys coaching and playing a variety of sports, however his main interest is football. Michael represented both his School and College football teams whilst growing up, encountering opposition including Hong Kong U15 national side and also Malta U17 national side. Michael also played in the first-team for Futsal at The University of Brighton for 3 years, consistently playing against the top universities in the UK.
Coach Simon
I want to help kids discover their own natural talents in sports early and develop them as their unique trait whilst at the same time not neglecting their weaknesses and developing them too so they can become well rounded athletes
Coach Marcus
Born and raised in Hong Kong in an international school, and moved to the U.K. to study Sports Science. I played a lot of sports since I was a kid, especially basketball.I also went on to be part of the Nutrition staff for UCLA Basketball and a personal trainer at a gym in Hong Kong.
Coach Vincent
Born in the Philippines but raised in Hong Kong, Coach Vincent has always been an active sportsman and enjoys the outdoors since childhood. During high school, he represented his high-school basketball team as co captain. He shines in Rugby the most, leading the team as captain, further showcasing his natural leadership skills.
Coach Alastair
Coach Alastair was born and raised in Hong Kong. During his early secondary school year, he picked up Taekwondo (his first sport) which opened up more opportunities for himself in sports and living a healthy, active lifestyle. Since then he has engaged in short distance running and callisthenics in his free time to this day. He has also had experience in other sports such as Karate, Muay Thai, Ka-Li/Arnis and Rugby. From this, he has pursued education in the sporting field and has taken sport relevant subjects in secondary school, followed by an exercise science degree in the United Kingdom.
Coach Mat
In order to provide the best coaching for your kids I feel as though a combination of patience and support is fundamental in kids learning.
Coach Marti
Born in Spain, Marti's life has always revolved around sports - mainly tennis but also indoor soccer and hockey, both as a player and a coach.He believes in sports as an essential way to learn and practice the main values of life.His studies in physical activity and tennis over the last 10 years have helped him develop young students from multiple countries.
Coach Luke
Luke grew up in the U.K. playing a multitude of sports. He excelled at football and golf playing at high levels for club and county. He took his own knowledge and experiences from sport and went into coaching. He taught PE in primary schools throughout Yorkshire, England. Luke later brought his skills overseas, where he has been in Asia as both an English and PE teacher. His former being a local Hong Kong Kindergarten.