see what our parents are saying

"Seriously awesome classes, see you again next term!"
Grace Hilbert, Mother of a Level 1 student

"A great opportunity to try new sports."
Toby Chan, Father of a Mini-Tots student

"We couldn't have asked for better improvement in such a short space of time. Thanks guys, you are fantastic."
Serena Yau, Mother of a Mini-Tots student

“My boys enjoyed Minisport very much, they have learnt how to play with balls through the course and they often play with balls at home now. I think the classes are well paced and the coaching is flexible. This is their first sport class and I am glad that they talk about it all week at home.”
Yurika Yim, Mother of two Mini-Tots students

"Thank you to coaches Alistair and Allen who led a fantastic beach party today. The games kept the children engaged for over an hour and they had so much fun. The Minisport coaches were well organized and arrived with lots of fun sports equipment. I would definitely recommend the party package.”
Justine Cordwell, Party Client

"It’s been so rewarding seeing my children and their friends develop in confidence and skill throughout the last few years that they have been doing Minisport HK (they went from an uncoordinated herd to little athletes who can listen and follow directions getting put through their paces). My youngest was practically begging to join a camp after seeing how much fun her big bro has and they both just love it! But the number one reason has to be convenience!! The coaches come to our building, bring all of the equipment and we can coordinate everything through WhatsApp. I’ve found their whole offering to be incredibly well run and the coaches are friendly, responsive and accommodating.”
Christina Winn, Private Class Client

"My children have been attending camps and regular tennis training with MINISPORT HK for a number of years now! The coaches are professional, approachable and down to earth. The sessions for the children are always balanced - focused on skill development and fun! We always look forward to holiday camps and weekly sessions! I'm happy to. recommend MINISPORT HK!”
Alison Tait, Private Class Client

"Minisport ran a class for our sons birthday. They were able to deliver the class in a way that the kids were focused without being overwhelmed and for an amount of time that kept them engaged but still tired them out. The best experience we have had sending him to classes so far combining learning with exercise.”
Simon Walker, Party Client

"Excellent team of coaches, our kids loves Minisport and can’t wait each week for their Wednesday afternoon private class! They are very professional and super creative when they teach!”
Justine Devisse, Private Class Client

“Very helpful for our son in developing his co-ordination, athletic ability and teamwork. Learning these skills with Minisport has been fun and our son always looks forward to the programme days.”
Som Fischer, Private Class Client

"The teachers at Minisports are so patient, kind and fun.....our daughter loves the classes!”
Bonnie De  Jonquieres, Private Class Client

"My son loves mini-sports and his interest in sport has skyrocketed since joining. Keep up the great work!”
Allana Miles, Minisport Private Class Client

"My daughter absolutely loves MiniSportHK! She’s made new friends and picked up so many new skills... it’s definitely a highlight of her week and she looks forward to each class. Coach Haysen knows how to keep the classes fun and lively and introduces new activities, sports and skills each time! Highly recommend and will definitely be looking to enrol my son soon!”
Anisha Ramanathan

"Minisport HK delivers a high standard of a sports program to my little toddler. They offer excellent coaching with instructors that have great level of enthusiasm and a well planned lesson. This pattern of exercise allows toddlers to think and also encourages the fundamental of learning but while having fun.Mini sport HK supersede any other with their innovate thinking and planning as a company to help the children excel. The friendly and warm atmosphere from them makes you so happy to come back every week. It is overall a 5Star rating!”
Kareena Chandiramani, Private Class Client

"My kids took 2 trial classes in minisport. He enjoyed it so much and we would definitely continue the course. The coaches are nice and professional. My kid love playin with them. The design of the course is good. It could attract kid’s attention and at the same time teaching them techniques, skills and knowledge. I would definitely recommend.”
Kiko Yau, Minisport Private Class Client

"I have loved mini sports for my son who attends once a week. They teach him so many wonderful skills and he loves his Coach Haysen and Matt. It’s been great for his ball skills and hand eye coordination. Must do class for kids in HK!”
Jo Keigh, Private Class Client

"Always a good time with MiniSportHK! The fun, lively and flexible classes with awesome coaches. They’re friendly, warm and patient specially with the little ones. Keeps the little ones on their toes learning new sports every week whilst keeping a routine. Works on their hand eye coordination, colours, numbers and listening skills too. The extra bonus is it tires them out for a great nap post class! Highly recommend the classes!!”
Anjali Detaramani, Private Class Client

“Jake has been going to mini sports classes since K2 and soccer is his most favourite sport at the moment. The 3 year-old Jake simply did not know how to kick a ball to start with. After a couple of months, we were excited to see him cheerfully moving forward with certain control of the ball in the field. We are happy that Jake develops his body movements and confidence through the coaching by Minisport’s energetic coaches. He also makes new friends in different classes.​”
tom Fischer, Mother of a Mini-Tots student