Frequently asked questions
 What sports do you coach at Minisport?

At Minisport we deliver one core program. This program teaches football, basketball, tennis and rugby on a rotation basis. It is our firm belief that the multiple sport approach is essential for all children in their early years.

What type of classes are available?

We offer a range of different class options, including public & private classes, holiday camps and birthday parties.

Note that until further notice, we are solely conducting 1-1 sessions in public, or sessions for groups of children from the same household in private locations.

 How long does each session last?

Standard class: 60 minutes
Playgroup sessions: 50 minutes
Standard camp sessions: 90-180 minutes
Birthday Parties: 75 minutes

 What age groups do you coach?

We coach children aged 1.5 - 8 years split in the following groupings:

Playgroup (1.5 - 2.5yrs)
Mini-Tots - (2.5yrs - 3.5yrs)
Level 1 - (3.5 - 4.5 yrs)
Level 2 - (4.5 - 6 yrs)

How much do classes cost?

Public Classes are $180 for off-peak times and $250 for peak times.

Private classes ran
ge from $200-$750 per child depending on the number of children in the class.

Where are Classes held?

We operate public classes all over Hong Kong, and offer private classes with flexibility on locations.

Although all of our public classes are currently suspended due to Covid-19, a full list of public class locations for Term 3 (Jan - Apr 2022) can be found here for reference.

How do I find and book my nearest class?

Please browse our classes / camps by location via the public class page here.

Do we get allocated the same coach for every class?

At Minisport, we highly value consistency across our entire program and understand that building relationships between children and coaches is paramount to their success. With this in mind, we aim to provide the same coach for every class - however, there may be rare occasions where coaches must be switched in case of emergency/to allow for annual leave. In these instances we aim to provide participants of affected classes notice of any change as far in advance as possible.

What happens in the case of absence due to Illness?

Should a child be unable to attend the classes due to sickness, then a doctor’s note must be presented, upon which credit will be applied for the missed session(s). No student missing a class for any other reason will be eligible for credit.

Is there anything we should bring to classes?

Please bring along a water bottle and activewear or Minisport uniform.

How many kids are in each class?

We strictly follow government grouping restrictions and currently all of our classes in public locations are operating socially distanced.

Do guardians need to be present during classes?

Pubic Classes
1.5-2.5yrs: Guardians required to participate & assist in class.
2.5-3.5yrs: Guardians required to participate & assist in class.
3.5-4.5yrs: Guardians required to be at the venue.
4.5-6yrs: Can drop off/ pick up at the start/end of class.

*Note that children who are friends can have one guardian between two children for those aged 2.5yrs+

Private Classes
The guardian policy for these classes are treated on a case by case basis during the class formation period and are influenced by the nature of the venue & age of the children. 

How do I book a private Class?

If you would like to book a Private class in a location that works for you please find more information here.

Or speak with our class coordination team:
Email: Info@minisport.hk
Click here to Whatsapp us now.

How do I book a Birthday Party?

If you would like more information on our parties, please find more information here.

Or speak with our Party Coordination team
Email: Info@minisport.hk
WhatsApp: +44 7803 520403

What happens if I would like to withdraw my child from classes or camps due to Covid-19?

Please note that we in no way mandate participation in our classes and as stated in our terms and conditions, those who wish to withdraw from classes or camps will receive full credit that can be used in a multitude of ways across our range of services, with no expiry date.

We maintain the stance that we have since day 1 of the coronavirus outbreak back in January 2020.  We are ready and willing to deliver our small group classes in the safest possible manner to keep children active during this challenging period. All of our classes have and will continue to operate within the scope of the restrictions in place at the time. All of our staff are regularly tested for Covid-19 and adopt our 6 step Covid-19 precaution system.

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