Liability Waiver

- I hereby affirm that my child is in good physical condition to exercise. His/her participation is purely voluntary and in no way mandated by Minisport or the programme partners. Also, I understand that he/she can stop anytime if he/she has any discomfort or even without any particular reason. In no event shall Minisport, their officers, employees, or agents be held liable for any injury, death, or property loss which he/she may suffer during the activities if caused by either his/her own negligence, inadequacies in health and fitness, or by accident.

Coronavirus, Influenza & Other Health Related Warnings

- In the event of tightened government restrictions surrounding coronavirus, a rise in influenza cases or any political disturbances preventing the legal and safe operation of our classes, the session(s) will be cancelled and the lesson fee credited towards future enrolments for Minisport services (including parties, camps, events or classes- both private and public). No refunds will be awarded for missed classes due to Covid-19, or any other health related outbreak.

- Communication surrounding these matters will be made via the WhatsApp groups for classes, as well as via email.

Travel Declaration

- Online Travel declaration upon registration, no participation for children who have been abroad or been in close contract with anyone returning from any international destination in last 21 days

Weather Considerations

- In the event of Typhoon 3 signal or Red/Black rainstorm signal (unless lowered 2 hours before the session is scheduled to commence), other bad weather situations, the session(s) will be cancelled and the lesson fee credited towards future enrolments for minisport services (including parties, camps, events or classes- both private and public), valid for up to one year.

For Indoor venues, classes will go ahead unless one of the above warnings is in place.

As we understand that views on the weather differ greatly amongst parents, we have devised 3 levels of class status' for outdoor venues, that are communicated at least one hour before the start of the class, via the whatsapp group.

1. Adverse Weather
-This is issued when there is significantly bad weather. No coach will be at the venue in this scenario, and the whatsapp group will be informed one hour before.
-All students awarded one lesson's worth of monetary credit, with no expiration date.

2. Gloomy Weather
-Gloomy weather/ chance of drizzle/rain. Coaches will be at the venue, but participation is optional.
-The whatsapp group will be notified one hour before the class start time.  
-Those who wish to not attend can simply state "child's name- not attending" and will be awarded credit accordingly for future enrolments.
-Please once again be reminded that we cannot do makeup classes , only credit for future enrolments.

3. Fine Weather
-Class goes ahead as originally scheduled.
-No message on whastapp group.

-Communication surrounding these matters will be made via the WhatsApp groups for classes.

Absence Due to Illness/ Non-Weather Related Issues.

- Should a child be unable to attend the classes due to sickness, then a doctor’s note must be presented, upon which credit will be applied for the missed session(s). No student missing a class for any other reason will be eligible for credit, refunds or class makeups. We are doing everything possible to maintain our operation with restricted group sizes and cannot allow drop-outs for any reasons that are not supported by a doctors note or other official documentation.

Guardian Responsibilities

- Children aged 1.5-2.5 must be assisted during sessions. From time to time, children aged 2.5-3.5yrs may require assistance also, however we do promote individual participation at this age. Guardians are required to be at the venue for all classes held at public venues for children aged 5 and under.

- Children and guardians shall obey the rules and regulations governing the hosting facilities. Minisport may use photos or videos taken during sports classes for use in promotional material and on our website. These photos or videos will not be passed onto third parties. If you do not wish us to use photos or videos that include your children, please contact us at info@minisport.hk.
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