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Coach Alastair was born and raised in Hong Kong. During his early secondary school year, he picked up Taekwondo (his first sport) which opened up more opportunities for himself in sports and living a healthy, active lifestyle. Since then he has engaged in short distance running and callisthenics in his free time to this day. He has also had experience in other sports such as Karate, Muay Thai, Ka-Li/Arnis and Rugby. From this, he has pursued education in the sporting field and has taken sport relevant subjects in secondary school, followed by an exercise science degree in the United Kingdom.

Coaching style

I believe that fun is the most important element to sport at an early age and for future participation in sport. At a young age, I almost hated any kind of physical activity, but because my Taekwondo teacher made every single lesson fun and engaging, I always looked forward to the next Taekwondo session. Therefore I always ensure the kids I coach are having as much fun through play. When physical activity is fun at a young age, children will be more likely to carry on or pick up a sport when they grow older. In my sessions, I will always make sure children are having fun, but also learning the necessary transferable skills they’ll need to participate in sport in their future.


BSc Hons Degree in Sport and Exercise Science (Physical Activity for Health | University of Chichester (UK)

Level 3 Pearson BTEC Diploma in Sport (Development, Coaching and Fitness) (QCF) | South Island School (HK)

International Certified Personal Trainer | National Academy of Sports Medicine (HK)

Adult & Child CPR & AED | Emergency Care and Safety Institute (HK)


English Tutor | A+bebe

Taekwondo Assistant Teacher | South Island School

Coach | Minisport

Trainer | F45

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