Coach Jack


Coach Jack has over 2 years of experience in coaching children across different sports- including football, basketball, rugby and tennis as well as 2 years of coaching experience in chair-based activities and exercises for the elderly population in a nursing home setting in the UK.

Jack’s strong interest in sports as a child led him to the UK, where he completed his Degree in Sports Coaching at the University of Brighton. This course enabled Jack to acquire a range of knowledge in various fields of coaching, whilst getting an up close feel of what the life of a coach consists of.

Upon completion of his degree, Jack returned to Hong Kong in order to further expand his experience and knowledge by working in multiple coaching environments.


Coaching Style

“In my Minisport sessions, I always try to be friendly and positive. When my students encounter challenges, I love to encourage them, offer tips and help them to improve.  

It is this focus on the enjoyment of learning that I believe gives my students a real edge, allowing them to gradually master skills and new challenges.

As somewhat of a story-teller myself, I truly love using my imagination to frame games in child-friendly contexts that stimulate and engage the whole group. I believe that especially with our Playgroup & Mini-Tots students, this is a crucial factor in the success of my classes.

I particularly enjoy coaching football - as I’ve always enjoyed playing football myself!”



2:1 University of Brighton (BSc Sport Coaching)

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