Our Coaches
Coach Dana


"I grew up in South Africa. I attended a very prestigious primary and high school that is well known in the province I grew up. During my school years I played and participated in a huge variety of sports. It includes Rugby, Hockey, Athletics,Swimming, Tennis, Mountain Biking, Cross Country Running and Modern Pentathlon.I think this shows that I have very big love for sports and being active. After school I focused all my attention on rugby, and I excelled to the highest level my university could offer. I am currently play for HKU Sandy Bay RFC while residing in Hong Kong. "

Coaching style

"I believe to become successful in any sport code you must first master the basics and fundamentals of that specific sport. In saying that I will always try and incorporate sport specific drills/games into my coaching where everyone can participate, feel included and have as much fun as possible. I think if you are having fun while trying out new things it will automatically better your confidence and help you to achieve and master a skill at a faster rate. "


Level 1 Coaching & Officiating rugby
Kinesio Taping course
Rigi Taping course
BSc - Sport Science
Postgraduate Cert in Education - PGCE
TEFL Level 3


Forward coach for 1st rugby team at Somerset College
Head coach at Libertas rugby team