About Us

We have spent over a decade creating and developing our early years coaching program so that children in Hong Kong are given the best possible introduction to multiple sports through one program.

All age groups follow the same sport rotation.

Term 3 (Apr -Jun 2024): Rugby, Hockey, Football

Playgroup (1.5-2.5yrs)

Carefully designed to provide a well-rounded introduction to sports for your little ones. Through age-appropriate games, activities, and exercises, this program enhances physical coordination, balance, agility, and overall motor skills.

Our skilled coaches understand the unique needs of toddlers and create an atmosphere that encourages exploration, curiosity, and self-expression.

Whilst sports are introduced at this stage, this is done on more of a familiarisation basis and acts as a platform for further exploration at the Mini-Tots (2.5-3.5yrs) level.

Mini-Tots (2.5-3.5yrs)

At this crucial developmental stage, we focus on instilling a deeper understanding of the sports at hand, whilst further building fundamental movement skills, enhancing coordination, fostering social interaction, and promoting a love for an active lifestyle.

Children at this age will spend a higher proportion of the session focusing on actual sports than they do at Playgroup level.

Level 1 (3.5-4.5yrs)

Through age-appropriate drills, activities, and games, we help children develop the foundational skills necessary for future participation in specific sports.

We gently introduce the concept of competitive games in Level 1. Children learn about teamwork, fair play, and the joy of friendly competition. Through modified games and activities, they develop an understanding of game rules, strategy, and sportsmanship.

Level 1 focuses on the development of reception-based ball skills. Children enhance their hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and fine motor skills as they learn to track, catch, and throw balls of varying sizes and textures. These skills lay the foundation for future sports involvement and help children become confident in their abilities.

Level 2 (4.5-6yrs)

Level 2 places an emphasis on cooperation and tactics in the sports at hand. Children learn the importance of working together as a team, supporting their peers, and communicating effectively on the field.

Students also begin to understand basic tactical concepts such as positioning, spacing, and decision-making, which contribute to their overall game awareness and strategic thinking.