About Us
A dedication to early years sports coaching


It is our duty, as sports coaching professionals, to expose children to as many sports as possible during their vital early years. In addition to covering six sports (tennis, football, basketball, rugby, athletics, hockey), the Minisport program also places unrivalled emphasis on key fundamental ball skills that are essential for any sport.

Examples of these skills include handling, rolling, throwing, striking, dribbling, catching & many more. These skills act as the foundation for sporting success, and also encourage fun and engaging games during sessions.


The multiple sport approach is supported by numerous studies at top Universities and leading Athletic Associations. This approach has shown to yield physical and mental benefits that far outweigh that of specialising during the early years.

Engaging in multiple sports through one program has infinite benefits to a child’s sporting and personal development. We love nothing more than watching our students evolve and gravitate towards the sports that most excite and stimulate them.


We are all about keeping things focused and productive for students. Early years sport is about building relationships and progressing each student with the attention and support that they deserve.

Our coaches ensure each child receives the attention they require to master techniques and grasp a solid understanding of the sports at hand.


We foster a team of honest, consistent & dedicated sports coaching professionals who are motivated by a deep-rooted pride towards the Minisport brand, it’s philosophy & vision.

The continual exchange of ideas amongst our team and development of our program is integral to creating the best program that we possibly can to bring the best out in each and every child.


We insist on bright, child specific sports equipment, fun activities and a whole load of encouragement during every session that we host, whether it be at a weekly sports program, private class, holiday camp or a sporty birthday party.

Each week, our team replenish their equipment so that children can take on a new sport as part of our devotion to weekly sports rotation.