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2023 Summer Camp
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Minisport HK Private Classes

Public classes are the perfect way to meet new friends and learn new skills in small groups alongside our professional coaching team.

These 50 minute classes run 7 days per week and cater for children aged 1.5-6yrs. Venues span across 20 sites in Hong Kong, Kowloon & New Territories.

Our standard age groups are:


Each week, children are exposed to a new sport:

Beginning in Term 1 of 2023 (Aug-Dec), our programs will have 2 additional sports: hockey and athletics. Each term, children will be taught 3 of the 6 sports - enhancing their level of exposure to the sports at hand. All sessions will continue to include a range of fundamental ball skills developmental activities to start, and "party games" to end, the sessions.

The format of the coming year will be as follows:

Term 1 : August- December | Basketball, Hockey, Rugby

Term 2: January-April | Tennis, Athletics, Football

Term 3: April-June | Basketball, Hockey, Rugby

Term 4: July-August | Tennis, Athletics, Football

Classes must be enrolled to for the remainder of the term, on a pro-rata basis (i.e. all of the remaining sessions in the term:

Term 1: Aug 21 - Dec 17, 2023.

Trials can be booked via the booking form, so come along and find out why families in Hong Kong have loved our program for over 10 years.

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