Credit Terms

From January 1st 2024, credit will expire 90 days from its allocation. Credit can be used towards any Minisport service, including classes (full term and drop-in), parties, camps & events.

Credits are under no circumstances refundable.

Absence With A Valid Supporting Document

Full credit for missed sessions will only be granted for the following events, supported by appropriate documentation:

A) Medical absences, supported by a valid doctor's note.
B) School interviews, supported by appropriate documentation.
C) Travel, supported by travel tickets.
D) Student birthdays (on the exact date of the class).

To request full credit for missed sessions, please follow these steps on the app: My Bookings > Upcoming Class > Cancel Class > Request Leave > Submit supporting document.

Other events, including birthdays of relatives, amusement park outings, and school performances, among others, will not qualify for full credit. However, these events may be eligible for partial credit through the new functionality provided in the app (see “Absence Due to Non-Medical Issues” section below).‍

Credits last for 90 days from the date of issue and can be used for any Minisport service within this timeframe (classes, camps, events, or parties).

Any student who states their absence from a class within 20 minutes of the class starting will not receive credit, even upon presentation of a doctor's note.

Please note that these Terms and Conditions are effective as of January 2024 and have been refined to ensure a balance between accommodating absences and maintaining small group sizes.

Absence Without A Valid Supporting Document

Starting from January 2024, parents have the option to receive a 30% credit of their session fee by applying for leave through the app. This credit can be obtained by submitting the leave request at least 72 hours before the class start time, without the need for supporting documents. Please note that such policy is only applicable to weekly classes, not camps and events.

If a parent fails to inform us of their child's non-attendance with more than 72 hours notice, the full session fee will be charged, regardless of whether the child attends the session or not.

No student missing a class for any reason other than non-medical issues will be eligible for full credit, refunds, or class makeups.

The credits will be valid for 90 days from the date of issue. These credits can be used for any Minisport service within this timeframe, including classes, camps, events, or parties.

We understand that plans may change and withdrawals from classes may occur. However, it is important for us to receive sufficient notice to maintain a stable operation. Therefore, a penalty will be charged for cancellations without proper notice, especially considering the small groups we operate in to provide the best possible experience for our clients. Previously, these absences were not eligible for any credit allocation.

To apply for this type of leave, please follow these steps in the app: My Bookings > Upcoming Class > Cancel Class > Cancel.

Switching Classes / Courses

Parents have the option to cancel individual sessions by accessing the "My Bookings" page on the Minisport HK app. Cancellations must be made at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled session start time. In such cases, a reimbursement of 30% of the session fee will be credited to their Minisport HK app accounts as app credits. These credits can be utilized to book other available sessions through the Minisport HK app.

Full-Term Enrolment Switch Requests

For requests to switch to a completely different session for the whole duration of a term, the Minisport HK administrative team may, at their sole discretion, provide assistance without imposing penalties. These requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are subject to availability.

Minisport Uniform

All students registered in our weekly public classes are required to wear the Minisport uniform during class (trial attendees exempted). As the orders are handled by our partners at Integrity Sportswear, credit cannot be used for uniform purchases.

If in doubt regarding size, please order a slightly larger uniform so that your child can grow into it. No exchanges are available, as per the terms and conditions of our uniform supplier.Uniforms generally take between 3-5 days to deliver.

Visit here to purchase the Minisport uniform.

Guardian Responsibilities

Children aged 1.5-3.5 yrs must be assisted during sessions. Guardians are required to be at the venue for all classes held at public venues for children aged 6 and under.

Children and guardians shall obey the rules and regulations governing the hosting facilities.

Minisport may use photos or videos taken during classes for use in promotional material and on our website. These photos or videos will not be passed onto third parties. If you do not wish us to use photos or videos that include your children, you can select this option in your child’s profile via the Minisport App.

Minimum Enrollment Requirement

For both regular and trial classes, it is a prerequisite that a minimum of 2 students must be enrolled for the session to proceed. Sessions with only 1 student enrolled will not take place.

Cancellation and Credit Allocation

Parents who have enrolled in classes where they are the sole attendee will receive notifications through the Minisport HK app and email informing them that the session or full term of classes has been canceled. In such cases, credits will be allocated to their Minisport HK app account.

Unforeseen Circumstances

There may be instances where multiple students have enrolled for a session, but only one student attends due to factors beyond the control of Minisport HK (e.g., non-attendance by other students). In such cases, 1-on-1 sessions will have a duration of 40 minutes instead of the standard 50 minutes for regular weekly term time classes.

Weather Policy - Indoor Venues

In the event of a Typhoon 8 signal (or higher), Black rainstorm signal (unless lowered 1 hour before the session is scheduled to commence), or other bad weather situations, the session(s) will be cancelled. The lesson fee for cancelled sessions will be credited via Minisport app towards future enrolments for Minisport services, including parties, camps, events, or classes (both private and public). Makeups for cancelled sessions are not permitted due to our commitment to small groups. No refunds will be awarded under any circumstance.

For indoor venues, sessions will proceed in all other weather conditions, unless there are venue specific policies that prohibit them from taking place. Please ensure you allow extra time to reach classes if the weather is adverse. Students who arrive late will not be refunded or granted credit.

All courses are non-refundable. Credit will only be awarded for future enrolments to students whose absence is supported by a doctor's note or medical record requested on our Minisport app. Credits awarded for adverse weather or any other reason will be valid for 90 days from the date of issue. Credits can be used for any Minisport service within this timeframe, including classes, camps, events, or parties.

Communication regarding session updates and cancellations will be sent through the Minisport app and email notifications. Users can also view the weather policy on the Minisport app on the upcoming class page. Please note that by participating in Minisport services, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Weather Policy - Outdoor Venues (with No Backup Venue)

As we understand that views towards the weather differ greatly amongst parents, we have devised 3 levels of class status' for outdoor venues that have no backup venue in case of adverse weather.

The 3 levels of class status can be seen below, and are communicated at least one hour before the start of the class via Minisport app notification and email.

1. Fine Weather

  • Situation 1 will proceed as originally scheduled. However, in the event of unexpected weather conditions affecting the class, the coaches will prioritize the safety of the children and take the necessary steps to ensure children are sheltered before assessing the situation as to whether to proceed accordingly.

2. Optional Attendance

Adverse weather status is activated when there is a possibility of unfavourable weather conditions or sustained rainfall. Weather forecasts indicating "showers" or a "chance of rain" do not meet the criteria for adverse weather conditions in the context of sporting events.

  • In such situations, coaches will be present at the venue, but participation in class is optional.

  • If attendance for a class is optional, it is mandatory for the parents of non attending students to indicate their child's attendance status at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the class through the Minisport app. Parents should use the "Attending" button to specify their child's attendance status. Failure to do so within the 20-minute timeframe will result in no credit being allocated for non-attendance.

  • For parents of attending students, no action is required as the default setting is "attending" in these situations.

  • Credits awarded for non-attended sessions remain valid for a period of 90 days from the date of issuance. These credits can be utilized for any Minisport service, including classes, camps, events, or parties, within this time frame.

  • Minisport reserves the sole discretion to determine whether weather forecasts justify the application of adverse weather status.

3. Severe Weather

The following terms and conditions apply in the event of significantly inclement weather or forecasted adverse weather conditions, leading to the cancellation of classes:

  • In situations involving significantly bad weather or forecasted adverse weather, classes will be canceled.

  • In such circumstances, no coach will be present at the venue. Parents and assigned guardians will receive timely notifications and updates regarding the cancellation through Minisport App notifications and email.

  • All students affected by the class cancellation will be granted monetary credit equivalent to the value they paid for the session. This credit will expire within a period of 90 days.

  • Minisport reserves the sole discretion to determine whether weather forecasts justify the application of adverse weather status.

In the case of rain disrupting class during the session itself, no credit will be awarded for classes that have exceeded 50% of their duration (in most cases, 25 minutes). For classes that have yet to reach 50% duration (generally 25 minutes) and our team has deemed the session unable to continue due to rain, full credit for the session will be awarded.

In the event of Typhoon 3 signal (or higher) or Amber rainstorm signal, Minisport will decide whether to cancel the session or allow optional attendance depending on the severity of the actual conditions.

Weather Policy - Outdoor Venues (with Backup Venue)

In order to achieve consistency, class quality & overall comfort for our students, we have worked hard to secure indoor backup venues for many of our classes that are generally between 5-15 minutes from the original (outdoor) venue. However, these venues are not pre-confirmed and are subject to availability.

For classes with such arrangements where the backup venue is available, a Minisport HK App notification and email will be sent to inform parents that we have activated the backup venue.

Should we decide to activate the indoor backup venue, then students are required to attend the backup location and no credit will be issued should the change of venue be used as a reason for non-attendance. Only upon provision of a doctor’s note are we able to provide credit for missed classes in such situations, unless children have declared non attendance via the app more than 72 hours in advance, in which case 30% of their session fee will have already been credited.

Parents will therefore not be required to amend their child’s attendance status ahead of the session via the Minisport HK App once the decision to use the backup venue has been communicated.

How do I know if my class has an indoor backup available?

You can see whether your class has a (subject to availability) backup venue by accessing the class page via the app, under the class description.

Liability Waiver

I hereby affirm that my child is in good physical condition to exercise. His/her participation is purely voluntary and in no way mandated by Minisport or the programme partners. Also, I understand that he/she can stop anytime if he/she has any discomfort or even without any particular reason. In no event shall Minisport, their officers, employees, or agents be held liable for any injury, death, or property loss which he/she may suffer during the activities if caused by either his/her own negligence, inadequacies in health and fitness, or by accident.

In the event of a medical emergency, all staffs are authorised to take the appropriate actions.

Please note that these Terms and Conditions are in place to ensure efficient class management and provide the best possible experience for all participants. Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines is greatly appreciated.

Need further assistance? Feel free to contact us via Freshdesk.