Coach Gautam

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Coach G developed a keen interest in various sports such as badminton, football and basketball during his secondary education. In high school, he played for the school’s football team for 6 consecutive years. Coach G excels in cricket the most, contributing to various league championships, further indicating his consistency in the sport.

Pursuing a degree in Business, Gautam is a Year 2 college student, as well as an active sportsperson. He plays for Uttarakhand Association Cricket Club and HKU Students Cricket Club. He believes that staying active and engaging in physical activity is essential for both personal and professional growth. He aims to encourage kids to be more active and most importantly, have fun.

"I believe that introducing kids to the fundamentals of the sport at an early age and helping them develop their skills in a fun and engaging way is an essential part of our sessions. Therefore, skill development is the most important aspect I emphasize. I work to create a positive and enjoyable experience for them and I do this by incorporating games and activities that help kids learn and develop basic sports skills any future athlete should possess. Overall, I mainly focus on creating a positive and supportive environment for kids so they can have fun, build new skills and possibly foster a love of sports in them."

Coaching Experience

• Lead Coach at Minisport HK

• Minisport Qualified Coaches

• Private Math & English Tutor


• Childcare and Early Year Foundation Stage

• Diploma in Outdoor and Physical Education Studies