Coach Grace


I was born and raised in the UK and grew up playing a number of different sports. Eventually I settled on basketball, representing England on multiple occasions as a teen and spending a season in the US playing in the NCAA. At university in Essex, I played with our pro team for 3 years.

Coaching Style

As a kid, playing sports was fantastic in helping me to gain confidence, make friends, and learn how to work as part of a team. As a coach I want to ensure that every child gets those same benefits from each session. Using a positive helps each child to feel comfortable enough to fully engage in the session and grow their skills. The session will be a success if everyone has learned something new and had fun!


Club Basketball Coach | Ipswich Basketball Club, UK

Team Basketball Coach | Suffolk, UK

Playworker | CHUMS Multisports Camp, UK

Lead Playworker | CHUMS Multisports Camp, UK 

Football and Basketball Party Coach | University of Essex, UK


Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE)

BSc with hons, Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience

MSc with hons, Cognitive Neuroscience