Ultimate Guide to Hong Kong's Best Hiking Trails for Families

Explore the best family-friendly trails in Hong Kong! Our ultimate guide highlights easy hikes perfect for families, from the scenic Dragon's Back to the peaceful Lamma Island walk. Discover tips for a fun, safe hiking experience with kids. Discover now!

Welcome to the vibrant city of Hong Kong, an urban jungle known not just for its towering skyscrapers and mouth-watering cuisine, but also for its lush countryside that offers a refreshing escape into nature. In this bustling metropolis, you’ll find an unexpected paradise for hiking enthusiasts and families seeking adventure in the great outdoors. If you're on the hunt for easy hikes in Hong Kong or the best hikes in Hong Kong for families, rest assured, you're in the right place! 

This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with all you need to explore the scenic beauty, easy hiking trails, and family-friendly activities that lie just beyond the city's concrete facade. So, lace up your hiking boots, and let's embark on this journey together!

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The Appeal of Hiking in Hong Kong for Families

Bonding in Nature's Playground:

Hiking in Hong Kong's picturesque trails offers a fantastic opportunity for families to strengthen their bonds. The city's diverse natural landscapes, from tranquil forests to majestic hills, provide a perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories, far from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Educational Aspects of Hiking:

The educational benefits of hiking are plentiful, especially for curious young minds. The trails in Hong Kong introduce children to a variety of ecosystems, local flora and fauna, and cultural heritage sites, transforming a simple walk into an exciting, interactive lesson.

Physical Health and Wellbeing Benefits:

The health advantages of hiking extend beyond physical fitness. Yes, it promotes cardiovascular health, flexibility, and coordination, but it also improves mental wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety through immersion in nature.

Opportunity to Disconnect from the Digital World:

In an era dominated by screens, hiking is a refreshing way to encourage family members to unplug, engage in genuine conversation, and reconnect with each other in the most natural setting.

Source: Discover Hong Kong

Preparing for Your Family Hike

Essential Items to Pack:

1. Proper Attire: Ensuring everyone is wearing comfortable clothing and sturdy, protective footwear is key for a hassle-free hiking experience.

2. Snacks and Hydration: Energy-boosting snacks and sufficient water are crucial, especially for kids who might need a quick energy top-up.

3. Sun Protection: Sun hats, sunglasses, and SPF sunscreen will protect your family from UV rays.

4. First-aid Supplies: A basic kit with bandages, antiseptic wipes, and allergy medications is a must-have for unexpected scrapes or stings.

5. Ponchos: Weather can be unpredictable, and a sudden shower can happen, especially during certain times of the year. Lightweight, disposable ponchos take up minimal space and can be a hike-saver in the event of rain. 

6. Mosquito repellent: Nature is beautiful, but it often comes with bugs. A good mosquito repellent, whether in spray, lotion, or bracelet form, can help keep the pests at bay, allowing you to enjoy your hike itch-free.

7. Change of clothes: Whether it's due to a playful splash in a stream, an unexpected rain shower, or just the need to freshen up post-hike, having a change of clothes for each member of the family can be a real day-saver.

Safety Tips:

1. Weather Considerations: Always check the weather forecast before setting out. Hong Kong weather can be unpredictable, and being prepared will ensure your family’s safety.

2. Trail Difficulty Assessment: It’s important to select trails that match your family’s abilities. Overestimating capacity, especially with kids, can lead to exhaustion or injury.

3. Keeping Children Engaged and Safe: Set some ground rules about staying together, and keep morale high with games or nature-based tasks.

Hiking Etiquette and Conservation:

1. Leave No Trace Principles: Educate your family on the importance of preserving the natural beauty by carrying out all trash.

2. Respecting Wildlife: Teach children to observe wildlife from a distance and never disturb their natural habitats.

3. Trail Courtesy: Emphasize the value of being considerate to fellow hikers and sharing the trail responsibly.

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Seasonal Considerations for Hiking

Hong Kong's subtropical climate means that every season offers a unique hiking experience. Understanding what each season brings can help you prepare appropriately and ensure a comfortable, enjoyable hike for the whole family.

Spring (March - May):

Overview: Spring is a delightful time for hiking, with comfortable temperatures, moderate humidity, and nature in full bloom.

What to Expect: Expect vibrant greenery and colorful flowers, particularly rhododendrons and azaleas, which are in full bloom. However, spring also marks the beginning of the rainy season, so waterproof gear might be necessary.

Tips: This season is perfect for bird-watching. Encourage your kids to identify different species. Also, pack allergy medication if anyone in the family suffers from seasonal allergies.

Summer (June - August):

Overview: Summers are hot and humid, with occasional showers and thunderstorms. While the weather might be challenging, the trails are lush and full of life.

What to Expect: Prepare for high temperatures and high humidity. Stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun.

Tips: Choose shaded trails or coastal walks with sea breezes to stay cool. Early morning hikes are recommended. It's also the ideal time to pair your hike with a beach visit!

Autumn (September - November):

Overview: Arguably the best hiking season, with clear skies, cooler temperatures, and autumn foliage.

What to Expect: Visibility is good, so it’s a great time for trails with scenic overlooks. Watch the landscape change as the leaves turn color.

Tips: Perfect for photography enthusiasts – don’t forget your camera! Also, as this season is popular among hikers, plan to start early to avoid crowded trails.

Winter (December - February):

Overview: Winters are generally dry and cool, making it comfortable for hiking. It’s a quiet season, perfect for families who prefer solitude.

What to Expect: While snow is rare, temperatures can drop, especially in higher altitudes, so warm clothing is essential.

Tips: Enjoy the crisp air, but remember to layer up. Pack hot drinks and snacks to keep everyone warm and energized. It's also a lovely time for sunset views, as the sun sets earlier.

Remember, no matter the season, always check the weather forecast before setting off on your family hiking adventure!

Top Easy Hikes in Hong Kong Ideal for Families


Dragon’s Back

1. Trail Overview: This award-winning 8.5 km trail is renowned for its stunning coastal views, gentle undulating paths, and cool, refreshing breezes. Taking approximately 4 hours to complete, it’s a moderate hike perfect for families.

2. Starting Point: Shek O Road, near To Tei Wan Village.

3. Finishing Point: Big Wave Bay, where you can unwind at the beach.

4. Highlights and Scenic Points: Enjoy panoramic vistas of Shek O, Tai Long Wan, and the South China Sea. The ridge, resembling a dragon’s backbone, provides a thrilling adventure.

5. Accessibility and Facilities: Accessible via public transport, equipped with clear trail signs, and close to various amenities, including restaurants at Big Wave Bay.


The Peak Circle Walk:

1. Trail Overview: This leisurely 3.5 km walk offers some of the most breathtaking views of Hong Kong. The paved path makes it suitable for strollers and young kids, taking about an hour to complete.

2. Starting Point: The Peak Tower, one of Hong Kong’s iconic landmarks.

3. Finishing Point: Lugard Road, ending back at The Peak Tower.

4. Highlights and Scenic Points: Spectacular views of the city skyline, Victoria Harbour, and surrounding islands. Don’t miss the photogenic spots along Harlech Road and Lugard Road.

5. Accessibility and Facilities: The trail is easily accessible via the Peak Tram, buses, or taxis, with plenty of eateries, restrooms, and souvenir shops at The Peak Tower.


Lamma Island Family Walk:

1. Trail Overview: Spanning around 5 km, this trail offers a mix of cultural and natural attractions. With an easy path, it's suitable for families and takes about 2 hours to complete.

2. Starting Point: Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier, a vibrant area with shops and restaurants.

3. Finishing Point: Sok Kwu Wan, known for its seafood restaurants.

4. Highlights and Scenic Points: Explore traditional Chinese fishing villages, visit the beautiful Hung Shing Yeh Beach, and discover the Kamikaze Caves used during World War II.

5. Accessibility and Facilities: The trail is accessible by ferry from Central, with various facilities including public toilets, convenience stores, and restaurants along the way.


Lung Fu Shan Country Park:

1. Trail Overview: This relatively short 2.2 km trail is a hidden gem, providing educational and historical insights, and is perfect for families with young children or beginners.

2. Starting Point: Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre, a great place to learn about local ecology.

3. Finishing Point: Hatton Road, at the junction with Harlech Road/ The Peak Circle Walk.

4. Highlights and Scenic Points: Visit historical Pinewood Battery, a remnant of WWII, and enjoy the Biodiversity Corner's educational displays.

5. Accessibility and Facilities: Easily accessible via public transport, this trail offers educational signage and comfortable resting spots, although there are no shops or restaurants, so pack your necessities.


Tai Po Waterfront Park:

1. Trail Overview: This is one of the easiest walks, flat and just over 2 km, making it ideal for families with toddlers or seniors. It’s more of a leisurely walk than a hike, per se, and can be completed in under an hour.

2. Starting Point: Tai Po Waterfront Park's main entrance.

3. Finishing Point: The Spiral Lookout Tower, a distinctive feature of the park.

4. Highlights and Scenic Points: Enjoy the serene atmosphere of Tolo Harbour, visit the Insect House, and explore various themed gardens.

5. Accessibility and Facilities: The park has ample parking, a children’s play area, and is wheelchair-friendly. There are vending machines, but it’s wise to bring your own food and water.


Ma On Shan Country Park:

Trail Overview: Covering a distance of approximately 4 km, this trail is famous for its floral diversity and bird watching opportunities, ideal for families interested in nature and wildlife.

Starting Point: Ma On Shan BBQ Site, near the barbecue area.

Finishing Point: Ngong Ping Viewing Point, for a stunning view of Sai Kung and the surrounding mountains.

Highlights and Scenic Points: Don't miss the “Ma On Shan Saddle,” offering panoramic views. Springtime, with blooming azaleas, is particularly breathtaking.

Accessibility and Facilities: Reachable by public transport, with clear signs and established paths, but limited facilities en route. Ensure you carry essentials, especially water.


Tung Chung to Tai O Trail:

Trail Overview: This 16 km trail is longer and requires a bit more stamina but rewards with cultural insights and beautiful coastal sceneries. Expect to spend a full day, with about 5-6 hours of walking.

Starting Point: Tung Chung, near the MTR station.

Finishing Point: Tai O Fishing Village, where traditional stilt houses provide a glimpse into Hong Kong's historical fishing culture.

Highlights and Scenic Points: Explore the Tai O Heritage Hotel, a colonial police station turned boutique hotel, and savor renowned local snacks like the Tai O doughnut.

Accessibility and Facilities: Both ends are accessible by public transport, and Tai O has numerous shops and restaurants.


Making Hiking Fun for Kids

Interactive Games and Activities for the Trail:

Engage your children with nature-themed scavenger hunts, I-Spy games, or storytelling sessions that incorporate the surrounding environment. These interactive activities keep their interest piqued and their feet moving.

Educational Opportunities: Nature’s Classroom:

Utilize the rich biodiversity of Hong Kong's trails to teach kids about different plants, animals, and ecosystems. Encourage them to journal or draw their observations.

Reward Systems and Goal-setting:

Implement a reward system for milestones achieved or challenges overcome during the hike. It motivates kids and instills a sense of accomplishment.

Instilling Appreciation for Nature:

Foster a love for the outdoors by demonstrating responsible behavior, such as picking up litter or observing wildlife respectfully. Explain the impact such actions have on the environment.


Post-Hike Activities in Hong Kong

Family-friendly Relaxation Spots:

After a fulfilling hike, relax at nearby beaches like Big Wave Bay or Shek O, or enjoy a leisurely picnic at Tai Po Waterfront Park.

Nutritious Post-hike Eateries:

Refuel with a nutritious meal at family-friendly eateries. Lamma Island offers fantastic seafood options, while The Peak has various restaurants with international cuisines.

Educational Centers or Nature Museums:

Enhance your children’s learning experience with a visit to the Hong Kong Science Museum or the Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre. They offer interactive exhibits and a deeper understanding of Hong Kong's natural history.

Photo Opportunities and Memory Making:

Don’t forget to capture the day with photos! Whether it’s a stunning sunset at Dragon’s Back or the quirky stilt houses in Tai O, these memories will last a lifetime.

Hiking Groups and Resources in Hong Kong

Family Hiking Groups and Communities:

Join local family hiking groups or online communities to share tips, plan group hikes, or participate in family-friendly hiking events.

Guided Hike Opportunities:

For a more educational experience, enroll in guided hikes. They are often led by knowledgeable guides who provide insightful information about the local ecology, history, and culture.

Online and Offline Resources for Family Hiking:

Leverage resources like the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) website for maps and trail details. Visit local libraries or bookstores for guidebooks and family hiking manuals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What should I do if there's an unexpected change in weather?

Always check the weather forecast before you leave for your hike. If you're caught in unexpected bad weather, find shelter if it's severe, and consider turning back if you're not far along the trail. Teach kids the importance of safety and how weather can change.

2. Are there any poisonous plants or animals we should watch out for on the trails?

Hong Kong's trails are relatively safe, but it's wise to stay on marked paths to avoid any potential hazards. Teach children not to touch plants or animals they're unfamiliar with, and consider bringing a local guidebook to help identify flora and fauna.

3. What basic first-aid skills should I know before taking my family hiking?

Know how to manage minor injuries, such as cuts, sprains, or insect bites. Carry a first-aid kit and understand the basics of CPR. It's beneficial to take a basic first-aid course as a preventative measure.

4. How can I encourage my children to stay motivated during the hike?

Keep energy levels high with snacks, create small goals, and celebrate when they're achieved. Break up the walk with fun activities or rests at scenic spots. Remember, the goal is to create a fun, positive experience that your kids will want to repeat!


Exploring the easy hiking trails in Hong Kong offers an enriching experience that combines physical activity, education, and quality family time. These adventures allow you to witness the city from unique perspectives, appreciate its natural beauty, and create unforgettable memories. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to gather your family, plan your hike, and discover the natural wonders that await you in Hong Kong's great outdoors!

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