Minisport Play at Home Bag

HK$ 795.00 HKD

Introducing the Minisport 'Play at Home' Bag, the ultimate kit to keep your little ones active and entertained at home! Packed with a variety of sports essentials, this branded bag includes:

✅ 5 pancakes (floor mats)
✅ 5 tall cones, 5 small cones
✅ 5 small balls
✅ 1 Minisport rugby ball, 1 Minisport football
✅ 1 Minisport basketball
✅ 1 pump
✅ A versatile multi-purpose Minisport carry bag

Whether it's a mini basketball game, soccer practice, or an obstacle course, this all-in-one kit provides endless fun and promotes physical development. Get ready for hours of active play and skill-building with the Minisport 'Play at Home' Bag!

By SF Express (shipping fee included)