Coach Khan


Hello. I am Coach Khan. I was born and raised in HK and I am a Pakistani by nationality, I have completed my secondary and tertiary education in Hong Kong and I graduated in BSc in Sport Business Management.

I have been interested in sports since I was in primary school due to fun and interesting Physical Education (P.E) lessons and Other Learning Experiences.

I like playing sports such as Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Football etc. Furthermore, I like to do cycling and hiking with my friends or go to the beach for swimming.

Coaching Style

As a coach, I like to pass on the skills and knowledge I learned from my teachers and mentors to the students and make sure I let them have a great and memorable time during the coaching sessions.

I believe that being active in sports from a small age can train and benefit the mind and body in the long run and let the kids discover their potential in their favourite sports through our program.

Moreover, being sporty will also bring in extra perks such as a healthy lifestyle and a strong mindset which is one of my main objectives as a coach.


Coaching/ Assistant coaching at Hong Kong Fencing Master

Coaching/ Assistant coaching at Minisports

Various voluntary coaching to Ethinic Minority students


Higher Diploma in Sport Administration

Bachelor Degree in Sport Business Management